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Red Girl said:
Hi! If there is anyone out there who wouldn't mind giving me a few pointers on taping ears I would really appreciate it. I have talked with the breeder and she is helpful but I am wondering what everyone else does or has done. The tubing I was told to use just seems to big and keeps popping out of her ears, I am taping as low as I can and still, out they come. Her ears also seem to fall in, is this normal and I just have to keep fixing it or is there something that would make a good bridge to keep them up straight longer. I am so glad I have this group to ask, I can't beleive that no one I know has ever owned a Dobe or known one except mine. They sure don't know what they are missing. Thanks.:emo6:
If the ears are posted correctly and the post provides adequate support, the ears shouldn't fall in. More than likely you don't have the posts seated correctly all the way in the ear.

Try getting some regular tampons (cardboard applicators) to use for posts if you think the tubing you've been using is too large to fit all the way inside the ear at this point in time. Or maybe even junior tampons, depending on the size of your puppy.

Braces primarily are used to keep ears from falling *outwards* rather than inwards.

Is there any way you can arrange to meet with your breeder to get some hands on help?
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