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Ear problems

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SO...I removed Luna's ear posts yesterday b/c I noticed that she was shaking her head and scratching at her right ear frequently. Come to find out that she has what looks like a couple raw sores down inside the base of her ear and the ear smells kinda funky. I feel terrible b/c I think it's our fault for maybe pushing the post down too far.

We set up an appt with the vet to get it looked at. Thankfully, there is no infection, but there are open sores. He said he believes the post seems to be rubbing the inside of her ear raw. He suggested a thicker post and/or a softer base. He gave us an ointment to apply on the "off" days. He also says he doesn't feel like it's a big problem, but it would be great if we could let the sores heal a little before posting again.

Any suggestions? It seems as if only the tips need working on right now. I would, however, feel more comfortable posting than using breathe right strips. But I feel the need, as the doc suggested, to allow the sores to heal a bit before posting again.
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I'd probably use the breathe right for a couple of days, use the ointment, then see how it looks. My breeder would put some cotton ball fluff into the base of the ear first before putting the post in, and we avoided any sores. If you don't put the post in deep enough, it'll keep falling out. Good luck!
Health first, beauty second! If you must repost, definitely let the sores heal up completely first. Also if you have the glue, consider cutting a foam form to fit inside the ear (no posts necessary!).
Petey got a little infection a couple of weeks ago, on the edge of one of his ears. I unposted and glued in the breathe right strips for about 5 days. I then reposted......and continue to post and post and post and post....are you as sick of it as I am??????

Carol ox
Posting can be soooooooo very frustrating. What are you using inside the ear to post / We use the foam backer rod that you can get from the local Home depot or Lowes. You have to be careful not to get it too far down there. I agree with the others. You can use the breathe right strips until she heals. I hope that her ears heal real quick! And I can't wait to see pics once you are done posting. You know us fellow dobie lovers , any reason for more pics. :)
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