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I posted this in the other thread but I will post here also.

When you are looking to have a Doberman ear cropping done on your pet you should ensure that the pup is young enough. The procedure should be undertaken when the dog is between seven and nine weeks of age. It is crucial that you find a professional who specializes in this type of operation. This operation is more of artist ability than a regular vet surgery. Usually if you are purchasing your Dobie from a breeder they will have already had the ears cropped for you.
The first step in this procedure is to thoroughly clean the ears using rubbing alcohol on the interior and exterior of the ear. Use a soft stick to measure an approximately length for the ears and then gently stretch the ears so there are no wrinkles or folds present. Next tape the ears around the stick gently ensuring that the ears maintain their natural fold. Finally add a brace using the excess tape using a figure eight pattern ensure that you do not twist the ear on the head. The tape needs to be kept dry until you are ready to remove it from the brace. If the tape does come in contact with water it is urgent that you switch the tape promptly. When the tape becomes wet it will shrink and in severe cases the tips of the ears have been known to fall off.

There are three typical styles of Doberman ear cropping, these include military, medium, and show dog length. The shortest cropping is the military cropping which features the smallest ears with the widest base. This style of cropping almost resembles a bell. The second style is slightly longer than the first and resembles more of a bat shaped ear. The show dog style is both the longest and narrowest of the three different cropping styles.

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