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Rosco is adorable!

I also just got my pup. She is right at 7 weeks. I'm fine leaving her ears natural, but my husband wants them cropped. I am going for a consultation with a vet that does laser cropping next week.

Good luck with your baby.. and keep the pics and updates coming! :D

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Since your breeder didn't let the puppy go with crop ears and two/three weeks to early. I suggest you leave them natural.

Crop ears are the least of your worries.

Seriously what is up with people getting puppies at a young age. People that buy puppies this young should be charged just the same as the "breeders" or more for buying from these so called "breeders"

I really hope you stay on this forum and learn. Maybe also teach another person about getting puppies from not reputable breeders.
Sometimes people do not have the benefit of knowing it all. Sometimes, there are good people who make mistakes because they arent the all knowing all wise, superiorly informed as some others are. But sometimes, when these people who dont know any better make a mistake that seems to be just stupid to those who believe they know everything, they strive to do the best they can to make up for that mistake, and take steps to not make that mistake again.

And sometimes, people make assumptions when they shouldnt.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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