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Sorry if this is a repeat; I did a search and didn't find anything readily.

We live in VT, so it's starting to get dryer and colder (although, this year has been an unusually warm November so far.)

Anyway, Dexter has a little dry skin starting, and I'm wondering what the best solution is. He already gets 1-1/2tsp. of salmon oil with breakfast, is on a premium food (Fromm Duck & Sweet Potato), does not seem to have any allergy issues, he doesn't get bathed too often, and his pre-neuter bloodwork came back today as "perfect".

Should I:
a) use a topical coat conditioner
b) use an oral supplement, like Vit. E
c) give him some oil, like coconut oil (Sirius in Vermont Coconut Oil) with his food - or olive oil?
d) something else

Suggestions welcome...thanks!

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Also give the Vit E 400iu and also a raw organic egg in the food.
You can try a Fromm food that has fish in it also
Try not be giving a lot of baths
Try and use a organic natural shampoo

Our boys are on Earthborn Holistic Grain Free. We then supplement. Split 1 can of Sardines in Olive Oil or 1200 mg 2 times a day, Raw organic egg
Vit E 400iu, CO Q-10 50mg 2 times a day, Longevity Powder (made by Springtime).
We also do Natures Variety Raw 2 times a week.

Is his coat dry only certain times of the year?
You might think about getting a Thyroid full panel done. Talk to your Vet.

For a coat care regimen I found this in Doberman Digest Magazine Jan/Feb 2011

You will need a 24 oz spray bottle
Listerine (I know I said the same thing) They will smell good
Alpha Keri or CVS Shower & Bath Oil
Any Human Hair Conditioner Look for an all natural one.
Filtered or Bottled Water

Mixture in bottle pour in
Listerine 1 inch
Shower & Bath Oil .5 in
Human Hair Conditioner 2 in
Add Filtered or Bottled Water to top Mix it up.

Spray coat with filtered or bottled water
Wipe with microfiber cloth
Brush thoroughly to stimulate skin and remove flaky skin
Wipe again with micofiber cloth
Spray with coat spray and work into coat
Brush with soft brush Kiwi shoe brush
This can be done daily then weekly

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This is Dexter's first winter; he'll be 10 months old on 11/22.

It's just a few dry skin flakes on his back and neck, barely noticeable. More flakes show up when using his prong collar, but it's not a huge issue.

He just has such a pretty coat; I don't want distraction from it with a few flakes. And, I don't want him to "feel dry". I know how much I like using lotion starting this time of year, so I want to make him feel good , too.

What I listed are a few of the things I've heard of, but I wanted to make sure I heard right or get other suggestions.

The listerine thing sounds, interesting. :)

When I bathe him (which is only if he gets REALLY dirty/muddy, otherwise I just wipe him down if need be) I use a natural dog shampoo/conditioner and make sure to rinse well.

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Did you have a full thyroid panel run with his bloodwork? He's quite young to have thyroid problems, but dry skin/dandruff was probably the first sign I saw of Shanoa's low thyroid. At the time, I didn't think much of it. Eventually she lost some hair on her ears and we went it for a full panel. She was low thyroid (and only 2 1/2).

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I was hoping they included the thyroid panel, but they did not - I called today. They're supposed to find out if they still have any blood and will run it for me. If not, I'll have them do it the next time we're in to be sure. He's only almost 10 months old - I hope he doesn't already have a low thyroid.

I still think it's just the weather change, but thanks for this suggestion - I want to be sure.
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