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I use Wedgewood Pharmacy for a DI medication that has to be compounded. I give it nasally. HOWEVER it also costs me $186 for a bottle. Thankfully, I leanred it lasts me 3 months. This is not a medication most regular pharmacies carry unfortunately.

I heard the eye drops are more expensive than what I'm using.

Another Dobe lady I met from Cyberdobes, recommended this pharmacy

Fallon Wellness Pharmacy in Latham, NY She used vasopression but gave it subq. She also suggested trying Roadrunner Pharmacy.

This is what I am giving. 1 drop nasally each day
Desmopressin Acetate 0.01 % Nasal Sol 5 ml

Edited to add - this is another reason I am THANKFUL for pet insurance. My insurance will cover up to $7,000 for this treatment. Gabby is 8 so it should cover 80% of herm eds up until she passes away or we reach $7,000.
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My vet recently diagnosed my dog with diabetes insipidus and prescribed eye drops for management. The drops cost $187. Does anyone know of anything more affordable that could help my dog?
Check out Costco--a few years ago when a friends Dobe was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus she checked out a bunch of pharmacies and Costco was around $79 for the eye drops and the next cheapest place was about $150. This is nothing that most pharmacies would carry--they all had to order it.

There isn't much that you can use other than the prescription meds to control diabetes insipidus.

Good luck.
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