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Draining cyst

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Mojo has a marble sized cyst behind his right ear. The cyst fills up and drains on a reguar basis but doesn't seem to bother him. Last night he licked uncontrollably for over an hour as if something was bothering him, though I could not find anything. Then I noticed his bed was wet. Drool was just running out of the right side of his mouth. Could this be the cyst draining? This morning his other bed is dry and he is no longer licking.

He is vet bound, but that brings me to my 2nd problem. The vet Mojo has been seeing for 8+ yrs retired, and I have zero faith in his young replacements. Mojo was taken in for several lumps on his body, and his cat buddy for a tumor-like growth on his paw....the vets were stumped and offered no explainations or remedies.

So, I think I know who I am going to see, but does anyone know of a reputable vet in the Butler, PA (~40 miles north of Pittsburgh) area?

Many thanks!
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might be an abscess.

let us know how it goes at the Vet's!

Hugz to Mojo!
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