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The Doberman Pinscher Club of the Tappan Zee will hold our Annual Independent Specialty Shows on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at the Arbor Ridge Inn in Hopewell Junction, NY. This is a Double Specialty, TWO Shows, one day.

Our Morning Judge is the well respected breeder judge Merv Hampton
Our Afternoon Judge is the highly respected Grace McGlynn.

Premium list: Our club website with further information if this email is not enough: DPCTZ Home

These shows close Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at Rau

Last year, these shows drew very comfortable FIVE POINT majors, and we are hoping for a repeat performance.

We have chosen a show site with LOTS more space for the show ring and even more outside the ring. There is plenty of parking, and room rates at the host hotel are $69 with no pet fee (rooms are going VERY fast). There is also a ton of space for RV’s and parking for RV’s is free.

As we did last year, we will host a buffet dinner at the site. We have chosen a speaker this year that a few of us have already heard and wanted to hear again. I share some information from our club website below.

We Are Pleased to Present Our 2011 Dinner Speaker
Ms. Parvene Farhoody, MA, CABC, CDBC, CPDT-KA
Altered States: Behavioral Effects of Spaying and Neutering Domestic Dogs
Spaying and neutering domestic dogs is generally accepted as a relatively benign procedure and
is routinely accepted as a means to correct behaviorial abnormalities.

Ms. Farhoody says there is not. She examined the data from 10,839 dogs evaluated by the Canine
Behavior and Research Questionaire. When carefully studying the data from this massive study, she
found many contradictions to the prevailing view the neutering positively effects behavior. Among the
findings were that neutered dogs were more aggressive, fearful, excitable and less trainable than
intact dogs.

Come join us for an incredibly enlightening presentation by a gifted, dynamic speaker on a topic that
will challenge what you have believed to be true. She will present data pertinent to the Doberman
Pinscher as well as other breeds. Be prepared to have your world rocked!!!!
Reservations for Dinner and Speaker

More info on Parvene, from personal recollection:
Parvene Farhoody is an animal behaviorist and dog trainer working in Manhattan. Her website for her business is Parvene Farhoody - Professional Animal Training Consultant Her thesis synopsis about which she will speak is at as well as many other places online.

In her time as a trainer, when faced with a dog with a behavior problem, Parvene would recommend neutering or spaying. She would then continue to train the dogs after surgery. She was noticing that behavior did not get better after S/N, and in some cases got worse.

Parvene then somehow, for her Masters thesis at Hunter College, was able to access the data collected in the C-Barq questionnaire. This can be found at C-BARQ: Canine Behavioral Assessment & Research Questionnaire

C-BARQ is a series of questions to be filled out by dog owners and it covers behavior, aggression, trainability, and in collecting data, it also collects data on whether the dogs being described by their owners are spayed or neutered. Information on close to 11,000 dogs had been collected by C-Barq at the time that Parvene began her work. Any one of us can participate and in fact, I have done C-BARQ survey with three of my dogs, so their data is included in Parvene’s study, as part of that close to 11,000 dogs.

What Parvene found when analyzing C-BARQ was that there is a higher incidence of behavioral problems in dogs who are spayed and neutered. She further breaks this down into WHEN the surgery was done, her conclusions support leaving dogs intact unless there is a medical reason to neuter and leaving bitches intact as long as possible as the medical benefits of spaying are not as great as they may lead you to believe.

Parvene also did work with Christine Zink, DVM on bone length and S/N. They found longer bone lengths in dogs who were altered early, before closure of growth plates. She wonders in her talk if perhaps this may be a reason there is SUCH a high incidence of bone cancer in Rottweilers (I think she picked that breed out). Paraphrasing her talk at PCOTC, if you have a rottweiler, do not spay or neuter unless you absolutely MUST at any age. The data presented in the paper I attach is just preliminary and does not discuss her theory of bone cancer being connected to S/N delay in bone plate closure.

There is a paper by Laura Sanborn, written in 2007, which is a review of work done to show whether spaying or neutering really and truly is better for our dogs medically. The bottom line is that it is not. Spaying early does not effect incidence of mammary cancer any more than spaying at the age of 3. Neutering does not protect against anything medically except maybe enlarged prostate.

The information Parvene collected changed her from an across the board pro-neutering trainer to one who appreciates that we are not doing our dogs, our training program, any favors by spaying or neutering at any age.

This talk presents ammunition for anyone who opposes mandatory spay/neuter. It is eye opening for those who insist on limited registration of their puppies.

This talk will be unlike anything you have ever heard before. I was so insistent on having her because I wanted to hear her again. I believe she is staying over because when she spoke at PCOTC, no one would let her leave, everyone had questions, and they lined up to talk to her. Parvene is an entirely engaging speaker. This is not to be missed.

It will be THAT kind of talk.

Please Join Us!

Thanks and looking forward to seeing everyone again!

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Not this year, but we have some places in mind for next year, and likely we would hold two obedience trials in that one day.

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we are doing everything we can to bring back obedience - we only stopped it when we lost the site that allowed us to have it - we've had a lot of trouble locating sites ideal to do both the independent specialty and the breed show and stay in our relative same location! we did bring in an all breed obedience trial though :)
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