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Dooley in the Ring

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Here is a short video of Tia's brother Dooley in the ring at Cruft's and i managed to get a quick close up of Rolo who may possibly be mated to Tia's sister in the future!!And the owner of the Zoosfery Kennels Mr Evgeny Rozenberg was at the ringside and said what a nice dog he was!!and if anybody should know he should.(perhaps he should have told the judge)
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How very interesting - Thanks for that.

much of it seems the same as it is done here, but I found it interesting that there is no formal "ring" - it is just the space formed by the audience. It was hard for me to tell, but it looked like the judge really took some time counting teeth :)
Nice one Brum :) Have to say I think Rolo is lovely. The ring is smaller than I imagined it would be, dunno why :confused:
The breed rings are smaller,it is not like that once you get to the group finals and best in show.
Beautiful dogs Brum!!
brumwolf said:
The breed rings are smaller,it is not like that once you get to the group finals and best in show.
It's the same here. Sometimes they do make an effort to make the working dog breed rings bigger, but it is often pretty cramped..... especially indoors.
So Brumwolf if there is a mating do you plan on getting your male??????????
Well i am in a watching mode at the moment,if the litter is as good as we expect(and the mating is not going to be till next year) then i could be tempted to use him on Tia,because i love Rolo to bits he is the most calm dog i know, nothing puts him off and Tia is the same and if their litters are the same there would be a line a mile long to purchase them,so i would probably be able to persuade the wife to keep one(fingers crossed).
All my fingers are crossed and my twenty-five toes. lol
Truly I hope you get your big guy, sweet talk the wife because ultimately the males love their momas.
Beautiful. Really enjoyed it.You have a long time to work on the wife.Hope it works for you.
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