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CENTRAL FALLS -- Princess the Doberman looks fierce, but that is as tough as she gets.

She was raised to be friendly and she is good at that job, Gilles Glaude said. She treats strangers like good friends.

"She is too good to bite," Glaude said. "I trained her and I've always treated her very well."

That disposition gives Glaude one more reason to worry: Princess is missing - stolen when someone stole Glaude's car from the lot at 1002 Broad St. Monday at 3 p.m.

"I went to visit my doctor," Glaude said. "I was there for about three-quarters of an hour.

"When I came back the car and my dog were gone."

Princess is a 14-year-old Doberman pinscher. She has the pointed ears and the black and tan coat common to the breed. Her face is mostly gray.

"She is a very, very friendly girl," Glaude said. "When anyone comes to the house, she is happy. Even people she doesn't know.

"When she is in the car on a sunny day, she likes to sleep on the back seat. She might not even get up if someone got in."

Since the theft, Glaude and his family members have been searching Central Falls, looking for Princess more than they are searching for Glaude's 1985 Buick Lasabre.

"My dog is important to me," Glaude said Tuesday. "She's my pal."

Besides missing the dog, Glaude said he is worried because Princess is older and failing and needs medicine and special care every day.

Her eyesight and hearing are almost memories, Glaude said.

"When I come into a room, I have to clap my hands so she will look up and see me," he said. "I worry about her out on the street. She can't handle being in traffic."

Glaude is asking anyone who sees the dog to call the police at 727-7411 in Central Falls or 727-9100 in Pawtucket.

Animal control officers in both cities were watching for Princess on Tuesday, police report.

Glaude said he also hopes to get his car back, but that is minor compared to his wish to see Princess again.

"She has been a really good dog to me," he said. "Now, she doesn't hear too well. She doesn't see too well.

"I hate to think of her out there, lost. I'd like to get her back.

"I don't want her to end her life like that."

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Thats a terrible story, but I have to ask why the dog was left in the car for 45 minutes alone? Maybe it is just me but I wouldnt leave my dog in the car for that long out in a parking lot. :(

Very sad story either way. :(


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poor princess i hope she turns up safe and sound ,although her chances dont sound to great :( i would never leave harvey in the car .. i like to have my eye on him constantly and also i dont wanna come back to shredded seats :-/ or worse
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