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The title is pretty self explanatory. We are moving into a new house at the end of January, and there will be a dog door installed in the back patio door. Neither of the dogs are nuisance barkers, and though Liberty has been known to graze on grass from time to time, they aren't foreign object eaters either (thank heaven!).

Anyway, I just wanted some input from those of you who have doggy doors! What brands have proven to be durable? Which are noisy? Which require replacement flaps all the time? What size do you have, and how easy is it for the dog to get through the door? How easily does the door let air seep through?

I was considering the doors that lock and require the RFID chip to open, but I don't like that a) they need to have batteries replaced regularly, b) the dog would have to wear a collar at all times, c) the dog could be stuck out in inclement weather if the collar fell/broke off, and d) lawn care guys could essentially have a key to the house if they found it sitting in the yard.

Since the builder of the new house prides themselves on how energy efficient their houses are, I'm now looking at one of the double-flap models to prevent drafts. The door does not need to lock at all times, but it does need to have a panel that can be added (and only removed from the inside) when I do not want the dogs to have access.

Thanks in advance for any input y'all may have! :)
This is a really good website for dog doors and it's where I ordered mine. This is very similar to the one I ordered. Pet Doors USA - Plexidor large wall dog door unit
This is when I had my Greyhound. It was very good quality, mine was a double door however I live up here in Ontario where the winters can get very cold. They were very easy to install, came with everything. It was lockable, and very weather resistant.

There customer service was very, very, good and they were very helpful. If you tell them what you are basically looking for they will help you choose a model. I also recommend the wall unit rather than the door, much more durable. When we moved, we took it with us and just dry walled the area back up.

It had a piece of plexi glass that slid down for when we didn't want it open. It also locked. It was draft free pretty much and both my Greyhound who was a total wimp and my cat both went through it no problem. In 4 years I never replaced a flap.
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