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Although this is actually about my GSD girl but thought you all could help me anyway...
Ellie has had diarrhoea for some time now... it has got better, but still not fully.
Hubby was wondering as well as I am now... if it has gone this far as long as Ellie have had it, why do the vet not inform about something like this.
Dog Digestion - Canikur Tablets
Canikur Tablets

Dog Digestion

Canikur Tablets
Prescription Required icon
Prescription Required
A nutritional supplement for dogs with digestive upsets. Palatable and very effective anti-diarrhoea treatment containing Kaolin, antacids and natural flavourings.
Use during a digestive upset (diarrhoea) or to maintain normal digestive function (chronic loose stools). Use as a bulking agent helping chronic anal gland problems.
Give the following number of tablets twice daily for 2 days:
<5kg, 1 tablet (4 tablets over 2 day period)
6-15kg, 2 tablet (8 tablets over 2 day period)
16-25kg, 3 tablet (12 tablets over 2 day period)
26-40kg, 4 tablet (16 tablets over 2 day period)
41-60kg, 5 tablet (20 tablets over 2 day period)
>60kg, 6 tablet (24 tablets over 2 day period)
Prescription NOT required
Has anyone else used this or similar product for diarrhoea?
When hubby asked about this, she said nothing and left it at that... keeping her on the prescribed food she is on.
He have been thinking of going to another vet... is that something he ought to do?

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Has she been tested for Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI)? or even just a routine stool sample check for parasites?
GSDs are prone to EPI and clinical signs can include chronic diarrhea, weight loss or failure to gain weight. Would recommend a trip to the vet.

Texas A&M is currently trying to develop a gene test for EPI in GSDs, but they also offer regular testing (fasting blood sample - TLI, Folate, Cobalamin).
Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency - - a VIN company!
The GI Lab

The tablets you mentioned would be something one would use for mild diarrhea after you've ruled out other more serious causes and would be only for a few days.

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Yes I know its for 2 days the tablets.

Well Ellie has had this on and off for a month now and no vet has said anything about what you said, but will tell hubba about it and let him go to another vet and take a sample of her stool.

Thank you for your answer, it has helped a lot.
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