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Well it is funny you should ask as I just recommended my favorite book to another member yesterday. "The Doberman Pinscher - Brains and Beauty" is my favorite doberman book. It covers everything from the breed standard, understanding your doberman, training, routine care, showing your doberman, special care of older dobermans and keeping your dobeman healthy. The authors are Rod Humphries and Joanna Walker. We have had this book for about 7 years and still read it. It is so neat to read after getting your doberman and then to compare the things they say in the book to your own experiences. Soooooooo many ring true.
I definitely agree, while some of the info is a tad dated it is still a great source for learning the basics of the breed. I ordered mine a couple years ago when i was first getting really interested in dobes, and had to wait like 6 months to get it. Just made me more crazy about them. Well worth the wait though!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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