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I have a puppy and he don't like eat at all..

I really don't know what to do...

can someone help me out?
How old is the puppy?
What are you feeding?
How often do you feed?
When did the puppy last eat?
Is he drinking water?
Are his stools OK?

Have you seen a vet?
Have you tried feeding him small pieces of raw chicken breast?

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If absolutely eating nothing for longer than time!
I would definitely second this. Most dogs won't starve themselves (unlike finicky cats, who certainly will), so I would have a chat with the vet ASAP.

Also, lots of people on here have great advice on nutrition, so if you put up more details, you are likely to get some very useful responses.

Good luck! And I hope your pup is back to normal soon.

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How long have u had him?
healthy pup shud almost eat anything you give them.
Is he drinking lots?
How's the poop/pee.?

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Any updates on the little guy?

It's been almost 12-hours since the OP posted this and a pup that won't eat is very worrisome.

I third the recommendation to go to the vet!
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Thank you for the advises guys..

He's with me for almost 2 weeks from now at the first week he is eats well and as days goes he stopped eating...

But there's nothing to worry right now, we went to the vet just yesterday and do some checkups and finally he is ok right now....

Thank you so much guys!!

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I'm curious--for the sake of other puppy owners with similar problems, could you tell us--what did the vet find out? Have you had to do a lot to get him back on track?

I'm glad to hear things are going better for you two!!

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What did the vet say? Not all vets here in Australia know dobermanns very well as they're not a common breed over here any more. ...oh and which part of Australia are you in? I'm searching for a breeder at the moment and would love to see some pics of your pup and who you got him from.
cheers :)
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