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yeah I said "Give you a kiss" because when duchess kisses she stares at me and then slowly sticks out her tongue like an inch and then slowly kiss then tuck her tongue back in. its sweet. its almost like im making her kiss me

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Lexus said:
ROTFL!!! YES Lexus does this!! Hubby and I laugh, she looks like her tongue is stuck like on the "Christmas Story"!!! Then she finishes her lick!:boldblue:
Exactly! It's like he gets stuck....It cracks me up every time he does it. He licks me, then just stares at his tounge is glued there.:tongue23:

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Does your dobe like to...
1. Lay or sit ON you when on the couch
The classic back up and sit in your lap. But I can't see through the skull.

2. Insist on sleeping under the covers
I try not to let them sleep in the bed. Somehow they end up there sometimes. I find I am just about to sleep and my bed is slightly moving. Slowly there is a doberman paw one by one inching its way on the bed. Which is a good feat since my bed sits high. Some nights I wake up cuddling one with their head on my pillow next to me. I have woken up telling Asher to answer the phone not noticing it was him. Haha.

3. Sleep curled up in the smallest ball ever
Amazes me everytime.

4. Steal your socks and underwear

5. Headbutt you

6. Give you a kiss
Nope :(
7. be a velcro dog...always want to be in the same your side...etc
Oh yeah. Trip over them constantly.
8. knock a couple of people on their butts when playing outdoors
Yup. My niece cries over it. She is 3.

9. make a chewbacca sound (dont know how to spell chewy)
My Father calls them Mommaduke and Marmaduke. They love to talk :)

10.Play tug of war with the leash sometimes on a walk or run
Oh no.

11.sleep with a toy still in their mouth
Bones. Always Bones.

12.Smile when you come home (that it's not a snarl its a smile look)
Harmony does when she did something wrong. She tells on herself. She will lift one side and look like Elvis. Sometimes both sides. People think she is snarling besides for the wagging stump and butt and whine with the I'm sooo sorry look.

13.Prance around like a horse when excited
Only for rides. We love rides.

14.wiggle their butt
Only Harmony

15.stretch every time they get up from a long nap
Love it. on the stairs
Don't have stairs.

17.counter surf by using their long nose

18.sit next to you while you eat dinner (doesnt have to be begging...Duchess likes to just to simply be by you...she doesnt really beg)
Beggars until you tell them to stop. Then they just stare at you or lay at your feet pouting.

19.Do anything for a treat

20.kill their stuffed toys
Can't sew them fast enough.

21.smack you in the face with their paw
If I ignore them.

22.Give you that look out of the corners of their eyes while laying down
If I tell them no. So sad. really well behaved in the car
Just lay back and enjoy the ride. Sometimes for some reason, Asher will chomp at parked cars with his head out the window it going fast enough. Scares people standing next to the cars. Hehe. the mulch and sticks like it is their dinner
Dont' even like to fetch sticks.

25.lick other dogs ears
Sometimes. you from a window when you leave the house
Whining that they are not going too.
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