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Does your dobe like to...

1. Lay or sit ON you when on the couch
~Gracie puts her elbow right into my thigh.

2. Insist on sleeping under the covers
~Yes. When we tell her "off" she will try to climb under the blankets to hide from you. That way you wont be able to see a huge lump under the blankets. ;)

3. Sleep curled up in the smallest ball ever
~All the time, it is so cute.

4. Steal your socks and underwear
~She picks up socks and throws them around, but doesn't really steal them.

5. Headbutt you
~I think with this question we need to ask, is she a doberman? Of couse she head butts me every chance she gets.

6. Give you a kiss
~Not at all. You have to beg her to stop giving you kisses. ;)

7. be a velcro dog...always want to be in the same your side...etc
~She's my girl, so of course.

8. knock a couple of people on their butts when playing outdoors
~She doesn't really knock anyone on their butts, she gives them one of her tug toys and drags them into the muddy lawn.

9. make a chewbacca sound (dont know how to spell chewy)
~I don't know what chewbacca sounds like so I can't say for sure. But she does make a hourse noise when she sniffs to much, she also can sound like a pig without the squealing.

10.Play tug of war with the leash sometimes on a walk or run
~She has done that a time or two. Go back to question 8, the leash counts as a toy at times. Lol. (It really doesn't count as a toy but she makes it one.)

11.sleep with a toy still in their mouth

12.Smile when you come home (that it's not a snarl its a smile look)
~All the time.

13.Prance around like a horse when excited
~Lol, yes.

14.wiggle their butt
~If her butt doesn't have a wiggle to it I know something is wrong with her.

15.stretch every time they get up from a long nap
~Yes. on the stairs
~Don't have stairs so no.

17.counter surf by using their long nose
~Once in a while.

18.sit next to you while you eat dinner (doesnt have to be begging...Duchess likes to just to simply be by you...she doesnt really beg)
~Yes but she begs.

19.Do anything for a treat
~Depends on the treat.

20.kill their stuffed toys
~She is a serial stuffy killer.

21.smack you in the face with their paw
~Not to often.

22.Give you that look out of the corners of their eyes while laying down
~Aww, yes. It makes me melt every time. really well behaved in the car
~LOL, what does that mean? Gracie paces in the car and tries to bite all the cars around us. Why in the world won't people stop driving so they can pet her? She doesn't understand... the mulch and sticks like it is their dinner
~Of couse. I thought that was part of a well balanced diet.

25.lick other dogs ears
~Yea, I just thought is was the mothering side of her. you from a window when you leave the house
~All the time.

27. bounce
~I think so.

28. Spin
When she gets excited she will spin.
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