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Oh boy, fun!!

Does your dobe like to...

1. Lay or sit ON you when on the couch
She lays on me

2. Insist on sleeping under the covers
Never has been an "undercover" dog

3. Sleep curled up in the smallest ball ever
She stretches out most of the time, but occasionally balls up

4. Steal your socks and underwear
YES, to the socks, I have never seen her with my undies but I put them as deep into the hamper as I can get them LOL

5. Headbutt you
She has, but not very often, thank goodness!

6. Give you a kiss
Kisses?? LOL, she bathes me in them

7. be a velcro dog...always want to be in the same your side...etc
Yes to velcro, the closer the better

8. knock a couple of people on their butts when playing outdoors
Not yet but definately catches us of guard with a nice dobe poke

9. make a chewbacca sound (dont know how to spell chewy)
Most definitely does the chewbacca, I love it, so cute, the first time I heard it I was totally shocked LOL, it was just too cute! Most of the time she starts the chewbacca talk she ends with a really really loud yawn

10.Play tug of war with the leash sometimes on a walk or run
She tries but we don't encourage it

11.sleep with a toy still in their mouth
Never seen that

12.Smile when you come home (that it's not a snarl its a smile look)
I don't have a smiler :(

13.Prance around like a horse when excited
Yes, love the prance and she prances when we take her for walks too

14.wiggle their butt
Oh yeah, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

15.stretch every time they get up from a long nap
Always on the stairs
Only if I'm running the vacuum LOL

17.counter surf by using their long nose
Oh yeah, the good ole counter surf, we "must" keep everything off the counter or it is fair game!

18.sit next to you while you eat dinner
Yes and stares at me and occasionally throws in a little whine

19.Do anything for a treat
Yes, loves treats

20.kill their stuffed toys
Always and she loves them so much but momma can't keep buying stuffies for sport :(

21.smack you in the face with their paw
No, can't say that has happened, if so I sure don't remember

22.Give you that look out of the corners of their eyes while laying down
Yes I think it is cute really well behaved in the car
Uhh well, not really, she loves going from window to window to see everyone we pass the mulch and sticks like it is their dinner
Yes loves to eat sticks

25.lick other dogs ears
Yes to that one too you from a window when you leave the house
Yes if we just walk outside but when leaving she is in her crate

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Codysmom said:
I think chi is the only ohter dobe that does this on the forum, but pollo rests his nose on the far edge of the water dish and licks the water up the side. any body else have a dog that does this? I really have to work on getting a picture.
ROFL are you kidding, I only wish. Both of mine dunk their whole noses in the water and walk off dripping a few feet away. I've given up mopping behind them, it is a never ending battle. :3dbiggrin
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