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Does your dobe like to...
1. Lay or sit ON you when on the couch
I didn't think it was possible to do it any other way

2. Insist on sleeping under the covers
pollo prefers his own fleece to sleep under - apparently our sheets aren't soft enough

3. Sleep curled up in the smallest ball ever
only until Jason and I get into bed. then he stretches out

4. Steal your socks and underwear
Had to remove one sock surgically from Cody at 4 months - after that the whole vet office called him sockboy nothing else.

5. Headbutt you
pollo not so bad. Cody gave Jason a wicked shiner about a 6 months ago. Cody also gave a few male guests some headbutts in their crotches - and yes the girls and I laughed!

6. Give you a kiss
did you mean spit wash or kiss?

7. be a velcro dog...always want to be in the same your side...etc
Cody would like to try to rest his head in my lap when I was on the toilet.

8. knock a couple of people on their butts when playing outdoors
not so bad

9. make a chewbacca sound (dont know how to spell chewy)
they argue with us and have to have the last 'word'

10.Play tug of war with the leash sometimes on a walk or run
we discourage tug of war

11.sleep with a toy still in their mouth
Apollo sleeps with toys between his front legs

12.Smile when you come home (that it's not a snarl its a smile look)
happy boys!

13.Prance around like a horse when excited
like Chi apollo bounces - he should have been named Tigger

14.wiggle their butt
with no tail to speak of they have to wiggle their butts

15.stretch every time they get up from a long nap
bit dober stretches front AND back legs on the stairs
pollo also chases the sun - once the sun moves off him he moves his nap spot

17.counter surf by using their long nose
Cody was notorius for taking dishrags - he also slunk away without looking at you - even tho we would be talking to him - like he thought he was invisible and we couldn't see him

18.sit next to you while you eat dinner (doesnt have to be begging...Duchess likes to just to simply be by you...she doesnt really beg)
That's my boy pollo

19.Do anything for a treat absolutely

20.kill their stuffed toys
and leave the stuffing all over the house and just drag around the 'skin'

21.smack you in the face with their paw
no boxing, but would make a great goalie

22.Give you that look out of the corners of their eyes while laying down
just checking up on everyone - also will lie down at the mid point in the house if we are all in different rooms - has to keep an eye on everyone really well behaved in the car

Cody NEVER!!! pollo is pretty good. but opening the car door is the best way to get him back when he slips the leash. the mulch and sticks like it is their dinner
nope - pollo is a fussy eater.

25.lick other dogs ears
haven't seen that one yet you from a window when you leave the house
we have more dobersnot all over the bottom windows on either side of the fron door andt he bottom row of glass on the back door. we are completely safe from peeping Toms - no one could ever see in if they tried~

I think chi is the only ohter dobe that does this on the forum, but pollo rests his nose on the far edge of the water dish and licks the water up the side. any body else have a dog that does this? I really have to work on getting a picture.

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