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Does your dobe like to...
1. Lay or sit ON you when on the couch

Not to mention SLEEP on top of me at night...All 50+ pounds of him...

2. Insist on sleeping under the covers

Seldom...He isnt really a "covered up" kind of guy. :)

3. Sleep curled up in the smallest ball ever

Haha, no way........He spreads out like he owns the place.

4. Steal your socks and underwear

Biggest sock theif on the block.....He is smart too, hides them UNDER his big dog bed in the living room, I have to go check there everytime I do laundry.

5. Headbutt you

Haha, Oh ya.......His nose is his 5th paw.

6. Give you a kiss

Or a hundred....

7. be a velcro dog...always want to be in the same your side...etc

If he is awake, yes....If he is sleepy, he is on his dog bed, he is addicted to it.

8. knock a couple of people on their butts when playing outdoors

Haha, he isnt big enough yet...We will see.

9. make a chewbacca sound (dont know how to spell chewy)

Hmmmm, whats a chewbacca sound?? He is VERY VOCAL though. He is the loudest "yawner" I have ever met.

10.Play tug of war with the leash sometimes on a walk or run

He better not! :p

11.sleep with a toy still in their mouth

Haha, no...but that is funny.

12.Smile when you come home (that it's not a snarl its a smile look)

Not yet, but he is never really left home. They go everywhere with me, grocery store...friends houses...wherever. Very rare that I leave them home, they pout if I do. I hope he is a smiler though :)

13.Prance around like a horse when excited

YES! And it is so friggin cute! I love the dobie prance!

14.wiggle their butt

He is a big time butt wiggler.

15.stretch every time they get up from a long nap

Oh yeaaaaah. on the stairs

Nope, I have a baby gate up. We just have one big room upstairs above the garage (bonus room or something) so I use it as a "craft room" it would be a disater if he got up there unsupervised.

17.counter surf by using their long nose

Not tall enough yet, oh I hope not....

18.sit next to you while you eat dinner (doesnt have to be begging...Duchess likes to just to simply be by you...she doesnt really beg)

Nope, he could care less......he has never had people food, so he just ignores us.

19.Do anything for a treat

All at once! When I pull the treats out, before I say anything, he will come, sit, lay down, bark, stand up, turn around, then sit. It is so funny to watch.

20.kill their stuffed toys

Oh yeah!

21.smack you in the face with their paw

Yes, even though he knows it's bad.

22.Give you that look out of the corners of their eyes while laying down

Haha, yep. really well behaved in the car

Very, he sits in the passenger seat like a person. the mulch and sticks like it is their dinner

Used to eat the mulch, now he will chew on the sticks in the backyard sometimes. I went outside and he was literally chewing on the tree. Like had his mouth wrapped around the base of the tree (he is teething really bad right now)

25.lick other dogs ears

lol, Pipers, yes. you from a window when you leave the house

I thought he was going to come through the window yesterday when I was mowing. I had to come in and put him in his crate, I think he thought the lawnmower was trying to "get" me.


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Okay.....I got one for ya.....

Is Rommel the only weirdo that does this???

He will start licking me, then half-lick (like with his tounge still stuck to me) he will just STOP......sit there and look at me for a second...then finish licking me. Its like a 10 second lick! Crazy Dog!

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Lexus said:
ROTFL!!! YES Lexus does this!! Hubby and I laugh, she looks like her tongue is stuck like on the "Christmas Story"!!! Then she finishes her lick!:boldblue:
Exactly! It's like he gets stuck....It cracks me up every time he does it. He licks me, then just stares at his tounge is glued there.:tongue23:
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