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Dobes & Parrots

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I saw mention of this in another post and wanted to start a new thread so as to not combine the two.

I saw where a couple of you have Macaws. We have a pair of Eclectus, a Citron Cockatoo as well as our parent's hand me down African Gray.

Aside from being interested in who all have parrots, did anyone get their Dobe after they had the birds?

If so I would love to hear from you on how to introduce one another. Not that I want them to interact, the darn cockatoo already barks like a dog, I just don't want the parrot alarms to go off everytime Teak comes up the stairs in their area. Right no our daughter's cocker scrounges around the cages at feeding time looking for discards. The cockatoo will actually toss food out to the dog. If we can get Teak to where she is the same way, more interested in the food than the birds, this would be great.:rotate1:
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Cool birds!:biggthump I had 2 parakeets. I like birds and I think they are really cool but they are a lot of work and with 3 cats we just cant do that again!

Strike was cool with them tho.
This is Steevie:

He's an ornery African Grey about twelve years old.

The Dogs know enough to stay away from him, but he always tries to start trouble with the Dogs. He'll bite them if they get close enough to his cage. He calls the Dogs, but they don't pay any attention to him. The Dogs know enough to keep their distance. They're scared of the Bird.

He calls all of them "Mandy", which was the name of the Doberman Before Last.

He's so funny. Whe he sees the Dogs, he hollers "Mandy! Get Down! Lay Down! Stay Down! Mandy!" And then he whistles.
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I have three birds I will inherit from my grandparents-that sounds kinda evil but seeing as the birds are all under three they are planning well I guess!

They have two greys and a cockatoo. the greys don't mind dogs at all-they have three peis and my dogs are over there all the time too. Its funny because you will call the dogs and the birds start calling them too.

the cockatoo is another story but they haven't had him very long so he may be ok after a while. I like the greys but the cockatoo is my new baby-I love this bird:) I took pics of him when I was there the other day but I didn't upload them to my comp yet so I'll put a pic up of him tommorow-he is pink but the lady my grandpa got him from said its from his calcium and he is really white-I know next to nothing about birds so I have no clue if its true!

here are the greys right after they got them

the one grey has a mangled foot and the "breeder" supposedly was going to have it put down because she claimed it couldn't eat(you can see her trying to steal a piece of chicken in the pic and she eats jsut fine)-but I also think she saw my grandpa as a big sap and knew he'd shell out whatever she asked for it:nocom: sophie is the one with the mangled foot and cesar without. the cockatoo is named pete but it doens't fit him at all.
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Here are my birds....
Bailey the 2 1/2 yr old blue and gold macaw....

and Her Highness after a bath...

And the 3 cockatiel girls Gracie (12 yr old cinnamon), Lacey (5 yr old clear pied) and Cagney (15 yr old normal grey)
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Oh too cool.. Oh how I would love to have another bird.. I had a Nanday Conure while we live up in Alaska.. He, Zeek, was so little when we got him that we were hand feeding him. He would sleep under the paper in his cage at night and would not potting in his cage. He would hold it until he got out to his perch.. he said about 30 or so words and noises.. he would jump onto the cat's back and dig his claws in and bite them.. they learned very quickly to stay clear of him.. I miss him so much.. Had to give him away when we move to MO.. He was so cool.. I have so many cute and funny stories and memories of him..
Wow gorgeous birds!! I would love to have a parrot. Gerry used to have an african grey, it spoke with his accent ( cockney ) and bossed the dogs around, telling them to sit down and be quiet!!
Yes, I have a Congo African Gray as well... i simply allowed the two to begin by getting a good look at each other; no real physical contact. After a few days my Gray would climb down and bump noses with my dobe.. thats really about it. No aggression with those two in my house..
You're birds are all beautiful! If I didn't have to work and I had a deeper pocket-book I would have more birds, I just love them. With the time it takes for my current birds though what I have is plenty for now.

Here is a little video clip of Bailey playing tickle tickle.....
Wow, you all have very pretty birds. I am not a bird person - they just sorta freak me out. They seem they like they would be fun though - teaching them words and such.
I am not a bird person - they just sorta freak me out. .
You're not the only one!:sprint:

Yes they are very pretty though!
everyone has such pretty birds!

This is Connie and he/she might be 6 years old...lost track lol. She is a sun conure. Her favorite things include mocking noises, making chirp chirp chirp chirp sounds while knocking her beak on her cage, and dancing she has some great moves including bobbing her head clucking and doing a chicken like dance with her wings. lol.

well...we had connie when we had our dalmatian and connie would love to be put on dice's back to take a ride around the living room. but then dice had to be put to sleep and connie went 2 years without a dog in the house...just these 2 new cats lol
Duchess and coco both ignore her....if they come towards her on her cage she will walk right up to them but we intervene before they could make contact or close contact at all. but if connie is on my shoulder and the dogs approach to close she will bite my neck until I get her away from those dogs! lol. :)
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Here is a picture of my Merlin, she is also a Sun Conure and looks a lot like LapDogs Connie. This is not the best photo of her as she was looking a little moth eaten because she was moulting. If anyone wonders why "she" is named Merlin it's because we were told Merlin was a boy until she surprised us with an egg!!!! I thought something was going on as she had a terrible case of "PMS" it lasted for days then one morning I uncovered her and voila an egg!!!!
She just turned 10 yrs. old.

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