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Dobes and Reptiles

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Okay, I had no idea what section to put this in, but since we have reptile people on this board.......Im gonna go ahead and put it here.

Rommel is in love. Unfortunately, he has fallen for a dragon named Elvis. It is the funniest thing, he could CARE LESS about the yellow dragon, but the orange one, he LOVES.

I take them out in the evening and give them a bath, and when the yellow one comes big deal. I always wrap them in a paper towel or washcloth and sit down and let them sit on my chest and dry before they go back in there cage.

Rommel KNOWS when the orange one (Elvis) comes out. He wants to be RIGHT THERE. He watches him take a bath....when I wrap him up its all Rommel can do to stay on 4 feet, because he wants to SEE the dragon.

When Elvis is crawling around on me, Rommel will try to rest his head right next to Elvis. Now, this is ALL of course under very careful supervision...but tonight Rommel actually LICKED the dragon. Not like a I want to eat you lick....but a very gentle lovey kind of lick. He did it more than once. When I went to put Elvis back in the cage, I said "Rommel give him a kiss goodnight" AND HE DID! It is the strangest can just tell......Rommel LOVES this dragon. And Elvis doesnt mind Rommel at all, In fact he will crawl toward him and they will touch noses. He will hang out near the cage and push his nose against the glass where Elvis is. But it is ONLY with Elvis. Not with Sully at all. ONLY ELVIS.

This is NOT normal Rommel behavior......I'm telling you, I would not have expected this from Rommel is a MILLION years......but he LOVES this dragon!

So odd......
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awww lol thats so cute! He made a friend :) when you have someone else so you can still supervise we need pictures ;)
That is just adorable! You MUST post a photo of the love!

One time, Nike licked a caterpillar on our deck.. pushed it gently with her nose and then gave it another soft lick. I was shocked that she didn't eat it. I think she gave it a heart attack, though!
Love knows no boundaries (or species, in Rommel's case...LOL) :)
I wonder if its an orange thing,my dogs used to take no notice of my grasssnake (mainly black) but were always all over me when i had the corn snake out(which are mainly an orange colour of sorts)but they tell us dogs don't see colour, right?
Whaha that's sooo cute! A dog in love with a dragon, I do also want to see a picture of that!
ROFL!! That makes me think of Shrek, you know the donkey & dragon fell in love........hahahahahahahha

Rommel is obviously a many faceted guy :)
We certainly need pics of this love affair! Chi will be heart-broken - you know she's had a thing for Rom from day one :)
We need photo's or a video BiB. Does he want to play with the orange one or just look at it?
this is weird but the most interesting post ive seen :s
That is amazing--maybe instead of a story about the frog and prince you should write one about the dragon and princess (you really can`t say bitch:)

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why does it not surprise me that you have a dobe that wants to go nose to nose with a lizard and yet mine gets scared off the bed by a ladybug.
nope...doesn't surprise me at all LOL
Here I was coming on expecting photos, and I get nothing. :( You better hurry with those pics BiB. ;)
Wow that is really cool.. I know you are watching very closely.. Too Cool
I think that is cool. I think a lot of it is how they are introduced to the animal..... its like introducing a cat... with no hair.... kind of scaly.... with no litter box manners... lol
Gunny is great around our reptiles, Maggie ignores them, Tess.... well she still wants to know what everything tastes like.
I agree - pictures are in order! That's so cute that he found a friend :)
How sweet. I have yet to introduce Jordan to the scaly siblings. Unfortunately they have been a little neglected when it comes to special time since he came along. I did have an interesting time when I took out my youngest snake and Jordan was just too interested that I had the hardest time putting her in the feeding tote. Hungry snake, curious dobe. Not a good mix.

Can you at least post pictures of the dragon? My daughter has an orange one.
I will try to get a picture or video soon, I promise!

In the meantime......

This is Sully

and this is Elvis

Sully is almost 3 months old, and Elvis is about 3 1/2 months old.
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they are actually kinda cool! How do you keep up with all of that Amanda, lol
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