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Hi all... New here! Seems like a friendly, knowledgeable board here. Been searching archives and all that good stuff.

I'm interested in these beautiful Dobermans! I currently have a German Shepherd (GSD) and we have honestly always thought that we wouldn't get another. However, I believe that Henneh probably doesn't have a "typical" GSD temperament, and am still considering them as well.

Anyone here with an experience with both breeds? I know dogs are individuals, but if you had to generalize, what would you say about each? What do you like about each?

Thanks in advance for the opinions!

I've had both, and loved both breeds. But there are differences-I think GSD are more biddable, probably more stable, not as sensitive and quirky. Smart, but not anywhere near as intelligent as a doberman. But they've got all that HAIR, and TAILS...and those are votes against them from me. :)

Probably the best comparison I ever saw was made in an old doberman magazine in an interview with a schutzhund trainer. I'm paraphrasing here, but he said the GSD was the good soldier that would jump through a ring of fire if the owner asked it to. The rottie didn't want to be in the army. And the doberman was the crazy one...LOL.
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