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Dobermans / German Shepherds

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Hi all... New here! Seems like a friendly, knowledgeable board here. Been searching archives and all that good stuff.

I'm interested in these beautiful Dobermans! I currently have a German Shepherd (GSD) and we have honestly always thought that we wouldn't get another. However, I believe that Henneh probably doesn't have a "typical" GSD temperament, and am still considering them as well.

Anyone here with an experience with both breeds? I know dogs are individuals, but if you had to generalize, what would you say about each? What do you like about each?

Thanks in advance for the opinions!

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Ohh my gosh, My mother has GSD's and I come out of her house with loads of hair. I borrowed her Tahoe one time to go to an appointment. BIG mistake! I was covered in dog hair.

I love most breeds of dogs. The GSD being one of them. Reasons why I don't and won't own one is the amount of grooming needed, thier overall size, and I have heard they are more harder to train then dobes. Though I think they are as smart, thier need for working, and training is HUGE. They also have a bit more health problems that are breed related.

I have only seen a handful of really nice GSD's here in Maine. What I see looks nothing like what a GSD should look like.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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