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At the weekend I attended "The Dobermann Classic" which is sort of like your top 20.. only its for the 64 top dogs in the UK. You are invited by winning a CC or a RCC, because the last 2 years 1 dog won so many of the CC's they opened it up to winners of BPIB and JW winners. As a result of which Storm (Newford Cranberry Fizz) who won a RCC and Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster JW) was invited with his JW.

It works like a knock out match, the 64 dogs name are put in a hat and drawn in 2's. Its done on the night to make sure no fixing can take place. each set of dogs go in the ring and judged and the winner goes though to the next round. This continues till there are only 4 dogs remaining. There is winner and then 3 runners up. Its an event that takes place every 2 years and a pretty big thing on our calender!!

The first round Storm was up against a dog we regularly compete against and swap places, on this occasion the other dog went though and we ended there. I was proud of him beyond anything though, to get there in the first place was an achievement.

Enzo came up against a dog again he has been against many a time and the judge made comments to the stewards how hard it was for him as they were both superb dogs! Enzo won this round and went on to the next. In the next round he came up against a very impressive import male, Enzo didnt go any further but the dog that did beat him went on to the final 8 so we were happy with that!

Was such an honour to be there, only 2 years ago i was at the event as a new-comer to the breed wondering if i would ever have a dog here... little did i know 2 years later i was there with 2 of my dogs. Proud doesnt even cover it!

Some pics for you!

Storm & Me (Newford Cranberry Fizz)

Darren & Enzo (Newfords Fame Monster JW)

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