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Right here is the the story,when i have been in the chatroom etc i have asked members for permission to use their pics to make a dobetalk desktop for their computers.Now to save me asking everyone individually what i will do is, if you want me to include your dobes on a desktop picture then simply post your answer on this thread,if you do not want me to use your images then simply do nothing.
What started this all off was my mate Kratty posted loads of pics of my(soon to be)girl Nikita then i asked him to e-mail me the full size files and it grew from there.
This was my first attempt with those pics

Now this is my first attempt just using the people's pics that have already given me permission to post them.

These pics have been downsized for posting but the final ones i will mail to the people who want them to use on their own computers will be bigger.
Remember if you want me to use an image of your dobe then please post permission below,because without it i will not use anyone's pics so as not to cause offence.
Thanks in advance brumwolf.
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And also you will have to have images in your gallery for me to use them!!
Wow those looks awesome. Great work Brumwolf! May I get a copy of the second one?
Oh yes please do !!! You have my permission absolute. I don't have alot to choose from right now but I will be adding more as soon as I get over my camera handicap. ( can only seem to get butt pic's here lately)
Brilliant Brumwolf! Of course I would love copies for my desktop. Thank you so much!!!
Thanks Amy will be raiding your gallery soon!and certainly ladies i will mail to you soon, the resolution is 850pixels X 567pixels which fits nicely on the desktop centered and gives room to put your icons around the outside.
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If you want you can raid my gallery also. there isnt that many poses to choose from.. heh.
Thats ok DL you can post more when Jacks ears are stood up and healed, i can do a before and after then.
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You have my permission :D Just let me upload some new ones. I'll get to that in the next few days :)
Yes for me too if there is something you like in my gallery.
Thanks guys,hey DK they're dobes in your gallery what's not to like?
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Thanks Tracy loads of pics of Sassy & Lucy to use there!
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Thanks Brumwolf :) My deskdop is completely decked out in dobes now :)
You can use mine, will give me an excuse to upload some new ones! :)
Chi is requesting a wallpaper with pics of Bruno - I think she has a crush on him :) I know she likes Rommel but he's simply too young :)
If you find any pictures of any of my animals, or anything else for that matter, here or anywhere on The World Wide Web, feel free to do anything you like with them.
You should see what some smart-alleck on the rock-climbing site I fool around on has done to the photos I posted there.
Hey you can use any of my photos that you want,, I was so happy when everyone let me use the photo of their dogs on my home calendar that I am happily using today!!!!
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