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I have had Gracie for 1+. My brother has had his rott for a little longer than I have had my girl. Gracie is very clingy, very affectionate, she needs to be re-assured it almost seems. They don't call dobermans the velcro dogs for nothing I guess. :) Gracie is one great big ball of non stop energy. She doesn't tire to easy, she will keep going no matter what.

My brothers rott, is very loving and clingy as well. Not as much as Gracie. Ginger gets tired easy, playing with Gracie lasts about an hour before she needs a break.

I love both breeds and would love to some day get a rott. On the other had I can't see myself not having a doberman in my house. I would love to have one of each breed at the same time.

Also Ginger isn't really protective unless you knock on the window, once you do that she barks but if you walk in the house after that she runs up to the door with a toy ready to play.

Now with Gracie if you knock on the window she wont bark if she knows who it is, if you knock on the door she will though. Gracie won't run up to anyone, unless she knows who they are. If she doesn't know who you are, she will run up to you and show you her nice white teeth. :)

I say get one of each. That will make your self and all of us happy. :D
I hope I helped you. :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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