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Yeah I've never met a drooling Rottie either, but some of these dogs are bred so big now a days (shame shame) , maybe that has something to do with it. Seems the larger the dog, the looser those lips can be.

I remember the biggest darn rottie I've ever seen at 150 lbs when I was a vet tech. His name was Bear (appropriately named) and his owners brought him in monthly for nail trims. We had to sedate him and still I had to lay on him and he could throw me around. The vet I worked for didn't put him all the way out, he just tranqed him enough to slow him up. (yeah I think it would have knocked a buffalo out ;)) Course he wasn't a drooler either even at that size, so that might knock my theory out of the water :).

I can't complain at the owners of Bear because they took him in, but as for the breeders of such a mammoth dog, why didn't they just get into mastiffs or something bigger in the first place rather than mess with what was a fine size to start out with? Oh well, we have the same problem with dobies too I guess.
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