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I checked out the Doberman Rescue category, but couldn't find many rescues listed for the southern U.S. Can anyone tell me of any other than Gulf Coast and the one in Tallahassee?

I posted in the rescue forum, too, but the situation is that a man in southern Georgia found a 4 month old doberman pup (female, black + rust, natural ears, BEAUTIFUL) and has tried to locate owners, but hasn't been able to. He is unable to keep the dog and will soon be taking her to a local shelter to drop her off. The person he contacted who has a shelter is full and can't take the pup, and the Tallahassee rescue (I think that's North Florida Dobe Rescue or something) can't either.

I can't post pictures from my work computer for some reason, but if someone can do it, I'd love to email you the pictures of her for you to post here. She is a beautiful puppy. This would be an easy adoption fee for a rescue to make - I'm sure many have waiting lists for puppies.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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