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Doberman Pinscher Club Of Canada Inc national specialty show

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Ok, just got my schedule for the shows in London next weekend.

Friday, October 13 - Dobermans will be in ring 4 around 1:15 pm, and there are 40 of them entered. This is a booster show for The DOBE Association.

Saturday, October 14 - the regular entry of Dobermans will be judged at 11:20 am in ring 9. There are 43 entered.

The Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada Inc national specialty show gets under way in ring 7 at 1:30 pm and there is an entry of 77. Rocket is entered as a veteran, Zeke is in the specials class for champions.

Sunday, October 15 - the regular entry of Dobermans is at 12:05 in ring 7. There are 39 entered.

The Thames Valley Doberman Pinscher Club specialty show then starts in ring 8 at 2:30 with an entry of 60 Dobermans.

Jessie is entered in obedience on Friday in trial 1 and on Sunday in trial 5.

These shows are at the Western fairgrounds in London, Ontario. There is an admission fee, don't know what it is but it's probably between $7 and $10, I'm guessing.
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The first (and last) show I took Java to was a local AKC show in Morristown, NJ (20 min from home). I didn't expect to be allowed to bring her in, but when I asked before paying the entrance fee I was told it was ok - she was just over 6 months. I was, however, asked to have her leashed to her regular collar, so I just slipped the training collar into my purse. We sat in the stands in front of the Dobe ring, not too close so as to be a distraction. She was surprisingly good, maybe because she had been exercised and fed a bit, and she sat in my lap and fell asleep.

Not sure I would have brought her to a show unless it was close to home. Had her travel crate in the back just in case she wasn't ready to sit still for the 1 1/2 hrs we spent there.
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