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Doberman Pinscher Club Of Canada Inc national specialty show

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Ok, just got my schedule for the shows in London next weekend.

Friday, October 13 - Dobermans will be in ring 4 around 1:15 pm, and there are 40 of them entered. This is a booster show for The DOBE Association.

Saturday, October 14 - the regular entry of Dobermans will be judged at 11:20 am in ring 9. There are 43 entered.

The Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada Inc national specialty show gets under way in ring 7 at 1:30 pm and there is an entry of 77. Rocket is entered as a veteran, Zeke is in the specials class for champions.

Sunday, October 15 - the regular entry of Dobermans is at 12:05 in ring 7. There are 39 entered.

The Thames Valley Doberman Pinscher Club specialty show then starts in ring 8 at 2:30 with an entry of 60 Dobermans.

Jessie is entered in obedience on Friday in trial 1 and on Sunday in trial 5.

These shows are at the Western fairgrounds in London, Ontario. There is an admission fee, don't know what it is but it's probably between $7 and $10, I'm guessing.
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Thanks for posting Mary

I will be there all 3 day's, entered every days plus the sweeps. I am getting quite excited.

Good luck Mary.

ps. Pics to come :)
Okie- As Mary said you can bring *******, their is no age requirement..Just for showing must be 6mths of age.You will just half to pay the $7-10 to get in.

Dobedad- here is the site you can go to
it's under Colmar show services and you will see the london show. You can get the entry from there.

Hope this helps.
oops just noticed Mary saying that she would not be aloud there?? this is funny because I have seen numerous amounts of times where people have brought their younger dogs to shows??

Thanks Lexus I hope he does ok as well..I am going there more to have a good time, but you never know.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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