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Doberman Pinscher Club Of Canada Inc national specialty show

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Ok, just got my schedule for the shows in London next weekend.

Friday, October 13 - Dobermans will be in ring 4 around 1:15 pm, and there are 40 of them entered. This is a booster show for The DOBE Association.

Saturday, October 14 - the regular entry of Dobermans will be judged at 11:20 am in ring 9. There are 43 entered.

The Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada Inc national specialty show gets under way in ring 7 at 1:30 pm and there is an entry of 77. Rocket is entered as a veteran, Zeke is in the specials class for champions.

Sunday, October 15 - the regular entry of Dobermans is at 12:05 in ring 7. There are 39 entered.

The Thames Valley Doberman Pinscher Club specialty show then starts in ring 8 at 2:30 with an entry of 60 Dobermans.

Jessie is entered in obedience on Friday in trial 1 and on Sunday in trial 5.

These shows are at the Western fairgrounds in London, Ontario. There is an admission fee, don't know what it is but it's probably between $7 and $10, I'm guessing.
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MaryAndDobes said:
As I said, I've been asked to leave a show with a puppy before that I was trying to socialize. I knew the rules and broke them. It didn't surprise me that we were asked to take him out of the building.
Mary is right-the younger the puppy, the more likely you are to get thrown out with it.

Another thing to consider is you want to provide only positive experiences when you're socializing young puppies, and you can't control how other dogs in a crowded situation (especially indoors) are going to respond. One ugly incident, and you could wind up with a puppy that's afraid of other dogs.

So while I've taken young pups to shows in the past, it's not something I do anymore...they really don't belong there.
MaryAndDobes said:
Cheryl Myers Egerton is doing the booster on Friday.

The national judge is May Jacobson. Can't remember who is doing regular classes.

Betty Leininger is doing the regional on Sunday. And can't remember who is doing the regular classes.
LOL, you couldn't find two judges who'd be more diverse in what they'll pick than May Jacobson and Betty Leininger.
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