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Doberman Leaking

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Hi All,

I have a 9 year old female doby spayded. She has been leaking urine. I noticed this about a month ago and took her to the vet. The vet took a urine sample and said that it was a UTI. He put her on Ciprofloxacin and sent her home. During the week she was on cipro I felt like the leaking was getting worse, so I called the vet again and informed them of this. He then put her on cephalexin, which i feel has helped a little, but she is still leaking. The research I have done talks about older dobermans having hormanal problems that may lead to them leaking the bed. The vet wants to next take xrays of her bladder. I have no choice but to do the xrays because I want this leaking to come to an end, as im sure my pup does too. If anyone else has had this problem, or knows of a better fix or solution that I can bring upto the vet, I would very much appreciate your feed back. Thank you.
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This is fairly common is older spayed doberman bitches. Try posting "urinary incontinence" in the search function for information.

You may have to look thru some posts, but you should find some help.


Yahoo search:
doberman urinary incontinence - Yahoo! Search Results
What are you feeding? I know of three potentially a 4th dog who had a leakign issue and it was resolved after a switch in food. The offending food was proplan (salmon and rice was for two not sure of the others).

A switch to a different food resolved it.
i had great success using Cranberry juice pills and VitaminC. to help control repeated UTI's in the older spayed girls.
You might also ask your vet about Phenylproanolamine.
I give my female one caplet in the morning 450mg cornsilk. always check with your vet ...........
We give Porsche (who is also 9 year old female) Stilbestrol for her incontinence. Works great, no more leaking.
The propalin works well for spay incontinence. With our girl Swilly, the addition of the hormone Stilbesterol was required as she grows older.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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