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Doberman in Fergie Video

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Have any of you noticed that Fergie has a beautiful Doberman in her "Glamorous" video/TV promo adds? I think it's also a promotional song for "Candy's" as well. Anyway, the dog has a cool "diamond" collar on and she actually interacts with it on a couple occasions. It was cool to see.
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Yeah someone posted the link on here for us to watch a while back. It is a beautiful dog.
I'm getting a collar like that for Sherman one day; rhinestones or something. LOL
It aint cool if it aint gawwwwdy!
Yup. About a month ago I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to a piddling sound and Jordan peeing in the hallway. My fault. Took him out and came back in to start scrubbing and here's this beautiful specimen of a dobe right on the TV and I'm thinking how regal and beautiful a breed it is. Then I realized that while I'm bending over scrubbing my carpet away that even these beautiful regal adults had to have their potty mistakes scrubbed at one point in time too.
That's too funny hb.... The Dobe in the video has one heck of a chest, I've noticed. Very beautiful.
it is so nice to see a dobie portrayed in a friendly way and not the vicious way that most people think that they are.

I actully had a girl at work ask me the other day (after seeing pics of my two on my desk) " Oh, you have dobermans?" To which i responded yes I do. And she said...ready for this....."Don't you have to be careful with those dogs, can't they turn on you?" I was laughing so hard she kind of gave me this dirty look and said what is so funny? I then told her that dobermans are family dogs that love to be around the family and just because you see something in a movie or heard someone tell you a story about how they heard about someone's doberman's brain got to big for their head and they turned on them doesn't make it true. Not sure but I think that it might have sunk in. :)
Yep, just seen it again recently............very nice, and I love the bling but think Orson would look a little TO METROSEXUAL in it....hahahahahahaha
it is so nice to see a dobie portrayed in a friendly way and not the vicious way that most people think that they are.
Yeah I was happy to see that too. My sister actually saw the commercial first and was like, "Hey! It's your dog! It's your dog!"

My mom was all weirded out when I told her we were getting a Doberman. She asked me why were were getting such a vicious attack dog when we already have a home alarm system. I tried to explain to her about the breed's REAL temperment, and not all the bullshit she sees on TV and in movies, but she still didn't get it. She couldn't understand why we'd want an unpredictable, vicious dog. *eye roll* I find it ironic that she'd argue with me about it after all the research I've done (not to mention working with Dobes in practice), and she's never even seen one in real life and only on TV. *sigh*

She'll come around after she meets him. :) My sister's already met him and LOVES him so maybe she can talk some sense into our mom.
Ha mom wants me to board Ziris when I come home to visit this summer. And my grandmother (her mother!) had a doberman! I think my mom thinks mine are "different" Rommel scared her pretty bad the first time she came to visit. But after he knew she was okay....she couldn't get rid of him, so who knows......

I love when people talk about how they will turn on you...No one can ever tell me where they heard that either!
My mom was always afraid of my dogs, any big dog really. I didn't even know it really until she told me a story after Cleo died.

She said the day she changed her mind was when she was over and Cleo had a boo-boo on her leg when Ariel was a toddler. Ariel sat between Cleo's legs with a wet cloth and was dobbing her boo-boo and giving Cleo lovings and Cleo just turned and gave Ariel a little sweet kiss. My mom realized that it was silly to be afraid of a dog who wanted nothing more then to kiss her toes and was thrilled to have a boo-boo so she could be so close to Ariel and get all the attention. She fell in love with her that day and it took my mom years to tell me.
I have gotten to the point where I really don't care what people think. If they are 'concerned' enough to vocalize their opinions about the breed to you, then you are never going to change their minds. And you know what? Let strangers think that Java is a loaded gun if they see me walking down the street with her late at night because I need a latte fix. No one needs to know that she's my love-bug. If ignorance keeps me safe from someone who might otherwise consider mugging me, than so be it.

On the other hand, that's why I make sure Java is well-mannered when we are out in public - to be a good ambassador for the breed and not reinforce the stereotype.
People probably think I pick the "scary vicious breeds", lol. lets see rottweilers, dobermans, dogos, pits, GSD's, danes, mastiffs.... just a few of the breeds I love.

My mom probably would have responded similarly to the way some of your did, if we had not owned a rott before.:sunglasse
We always had big dogs when I was growing up and even had a dobie when we were kids. His name was Pinch (not sure but I think mom let us name him) :) was a great dog. He would not let anyone in the yard but was so loving with us kids and was gentle withmy kid brother who was only a year old at the time. I really dont care what people think about me having two dobies however I'm getting to the point that I feel that I must tell people to become educated before making an opinion about any dog.
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