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Doberman foster

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Hello all, I am new to the breed as my current foster is a Doberman and this is the first time I have been around them. I am learning quick that he is a very sweet Velcro dog. Nothing is known about his past or his behavior. He was on the euthanasia list due to space so i volunteered to foster him in Portland, Or.

Can you all tell me more about what to expect especially in relation to other dogs? He is not neutered and probably still under 2. Is same sex aggression really a given with Dobies?

Also, I am sure there are many people in the Pacific Northwest that are Doberman lovers and would probably want a rescue. Can you help me connect with them? I can see how I need to get this sweet dog adopted ASAP before he gets anymore attached to me
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Hi Ana. Welcome. I am also from Portland.

SSA, in my experience with 2 male households, where at least one is a Doberman, is a real possibility. It is certainly not a "given", it is more a roll of the dice. But the possibility is alway there. That being said, I would never be inclined to allow a Doberman male to freely interact with other males in an unsupervised environment. It is also essential that when maintaining a 2 male living arrangement, that the owner/caretaker is very adept at identifying their dogs' immediate emotional states and possible responses when together.

In addition, Dobermans often tend to "dog selective". Basically, their response to another dog will vary dog to dog.
They may be totally accepting of one dog, ambivalent towards another, and completely incompatible with a third. And/or any combination of these responses. They also tend not to do well in poorly supervised leash free environments, such as dog parks. They are quick, agile and powerful dogs. Their medium size belies their true strength. And combined with their determination, it is essential that a Doberman be under control at all times, whether on a leash or untethered.

So... How about a photo of your foster boy? Is he current on his vaccinations? I hope that the agency that is offering him up for adoption is requiring neutering in the near future.

Edit to ask: What part of Portland do you live in?

John L
Portland OR
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Hi again. What a cute guy!

Your foster is actually listed on on the Seattle (SPDR) rescue site that falnfenix provided. It is a "courtesy listing".

I live in Alameda.

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