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by Murreydobe:
"But this really is the best advice for someone who really wants to learn about structure. Find a competent mentor, and sit ringside with them during the judging. It's always better to look at living dogs. And movement is the most difficult thing of all to need to look at lots and lots of dogs moving,and it helps when they're all being gaited through the same patterns."

Key word is "competent" :) Personally, everyone has differing opinions on what they like or don't like, so try and get to know as many people ringside you can. My suggestion would be to Listen listen listen and hear what different people are saying.

If it's built right it will move right. All these pictures are great, but you have to remember there are plenty of dogs that stack very nicely and fall apart when they move...and a great pro-handler can hide a multitude of sins :D

I can't seem to post my picture. Do they need to be on the web or can they be on our computer?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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