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Come and join us for our annual Spring Picnic and Meet & Greet!
copied from hadr website
please come if u can, its tomorrow

sry for not posting it sooner

Doberfest will be held Rain or Shine in the pavilion at Honeybrook Farm.
- Enjoy a delicious Brisket Plate for $10 with all proceeds benefitting HADR, a 100% Volunteer-based Organization (payable at the event)
- Browse the Vendor Fair with crafts, dog-related items, jewelry and more! Get that new fancy collar you've been eyeing for your Dobie!
- Get your dog microchipped so if they ever wander away, it'll be easier to return your four-legged family member back to you! (a reservation is required)

Come out to the beautful Honeybrook Farm and meet our wonderful Dobermans who are looking for a home, talk to people who have adopted from HADR, volunteers, experienced Doberman owners, and our Fosters!

There's a Doberman waiting for YOU!

Welcome to Houston Area Doberman Rescue

Sirai Dobermans
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Please come!
I'll be there representing HADR! We have close to 100 people registered so it should be a lot of fun and you'll get to meet lots of Doberman-minded people!
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