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I board my girl at the Atlanta Dog Spa for short trips. I just boarded her there this weekend since we knew we'd be out of town all day Saturday and leaft at 5 am without getting home until 9pm. The Dog Spa is great and they all love her there. It's a doggy day care facility as well so she plays all day and then pases out in a nice penned area at night. it's mor elike a fenced off area as opposed to a run.
For long trips we usually try and plan around the dogs and do things we an bring them to, such as renting a cabin in Blue Ridge or driving to NY to see my family. If we ever do have to board her long term, she and my other dog will go to my breeders. She's a bit out of the way, but I'd have much more piece of mind knowing she'd be spoiled and have people that totally understand her.
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