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Extremely serious warning about:
Paul & Carrie Smalser
403 Cherry Lane NE
Leesburg, VA 20176

The Smalsers applied to Forever Dobes Rescue for a heart worm positive red female that had recently come in. She had undergone the first treatment and they wanted to adopt and offered to continue treatments at their expense. They filled out an application their references were checked, their vet was contacted and a home visit was done. The vet agreed to do the HW treatments on the schedule already started by the rescue. The home visit had some reservations and pictures were taken and forwarded to the rescue. The reservations were basically that they had, at the time of the home visit, a litter of foster puppies, a litter of foster kittens, a foster dog as well as their own animals. The fosters were due to be moved and the all breed rescue they volunteered with had adoption events weekly.

They were approved and had to wait until right before the second treatment when they drove up to pick up Cleo. Both I, who did the home visit, Cleo's foster and Teka with Forever Dobes extensively went over how a HW+ dog had to be treated. They were experienced dog people and fosters for a local all breed rescue but they were still given all the information about HW+ dogs and were asked repeatedly if they were still confident to handle Cleo's special needs.

Cleo, now Danielle, received her 2nd and 3rd treatment at the end of January. When Danielle was released Carrie Smalser had the patient instruction sheet reviewed with her by the vet telling her that for 45 days no running, jumping, climbing stairs, leash walk only, keep quiet for 45 days after which she could resume normal exercise and activity. Carrie signed it.

By Feb. 21st when she went back to the vets, Danielle was very ill and, when I reclaimed her for the rescue on the 27th, barely standing and unrecognizable. Special Needs Dobermans paid for the heartworm treatment and the balance of close to $900 that had accumulated with the vet became the responsibility of Forever Dobes.

From her vet records: Danielle had diarrhea for 36 hours, liquid hemorrhagic feces, seborrhea, alopecia, fleas, refused to eat or drink, had ringworm, was overdue for her microfilaria test, had hookworm, reported an occasional cough after being extremely active, started to vomit, was weak and lethargic. Carrie admitted that Danielle had been running, was confined in the bedroom, not in a crate, and she was jumping up on the high bed to sleep. Danielle was hospitalized and on the 24th became paralyzed in her rear limbs. She was able to stand by morning. Barely walking.

Carrie Smalser had listed herself as Danielle's foster so the vet contacted Forever Dobes and Danielle/Cleo was reclaimed. I did an emergency run to pick her up at the vet's and brought her home for intensive recuperation with rest, meds from the vet, supplements and quiet interaction. After a week she was able to walk, still unsteadily, gained some weight and was taken to Teka for the rest of her rehab.

Please do not allow this couple to adopt. Carrie Smelser mentioned to Teka that she intends to purchase a Dobe if she can't adopt. Allowing them to foster with all the parasitic problems that were encountered would not healthy to the animals brought in. Even allowing them to transport could prove to be unhealthy to the animals moved. Do not make any concessions for so-called experienced foster/rescue people unless you know them personally. Per Teka's vet, it will probably take a year for Cleo (her original name) to recover and even then it may not be completely.

Permission to cross post in entirety only

Alla McGeary
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