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Do I have a SRD?

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Well yesterday hubby and I went shopping. We went to the garden area of the store. I was looking around at sprinklers. Hubby asked me what I was looking for so I went on to tell him that I read on here that a lot of dobes like them. So we had to get one for Gracie. He rolled his eyes at me. So I found 1 so I threw that in the cart then I found another so I put that one in the cart as well. I asked hubby what one he thought she would like. He said none of them then he told me I was nuts. :D So I said to bad Gracie deserves them. So we got home and I hooked up one of the sprinklers and guess what? She hated it. So I tried the next one, nope she wouldn't go near it. I tried throwing her toys in that area, I tried going over there and playing in it to get her over there. And yet nothing. So I spent about 10$ on sprinklers that now I have to use to water the lawn and not the dog. :( The things we go through and do for our dogs. :) I swear I must have looked crazy running through the water with her toy in my hand calling her over to me. LOL. She got about half way to me then got one little drop on her and ran over to hubby. I was still told by hubby that I am nuts though.
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I'm sorry to inform you that you do not have a s.r.d. you in fact have a t.c.s.r.d. Totally Completely Spoiled Rotten Doberman and you are awarded 10 owner points under the doberman owners handbook points award scheme.:)
Why didn't I get a "Owners Handbook" when I got my girl? Maybe the rescue was all out? I guess I must make my own handbook. :) This might take me a long while. :)

If I save my points long enough what can I get? Is it like Chucky Cheeses where you turn in your tickets and get to pick a prize? :)
This is how it works,you get awarded merit points but you can also get demerits, if you move into the minus points side i come and take away Gracie to live in Doberworld England. :)
:3dbiggrin :emo11: :help_up_2
that is so funny! Brum I put you in charge of making this doberman owner handbook!!! It would be such good reading! it can cover everything!!! lol
Im so sorry about the sprinklers :( the fun factor turned against you huh? looks like youll just now have to devote your life to finding something that Gracie will be crazy about!!! lol you cant just give up on a spoiled rotten dobe!!!! lol
Well she does have her dobie pool that she loves. I already have that out for her pleasure. She runs in it lays down flips over then flips over again then just lays there for a little bit longer then runs out. About 5 minutes later she does it all over again. I guess this is as much fun she can have in the water unless we take her to one of the big lakes. :D
Gracie's Mom: a couple points. if you have to ask if you have SRD,it's too late you already have a very bad case as Brum has pointed out. Secondly, you could have told hubby the sprinklers were for you. you can still go out and play in them when the weather warms up :)

LOL aww.. i know at first jack didnt like the sprinklers.. it was one day that i was adjusting it, he came up next to me and poked his nose in it... and now every time i turn the sprinkler on he cant wait to get in it.. im just glad i have one dog that likes the sprinklers.. the other two if they could would eat them ( thats why this year i got the all metal ones, so instead of trying to chew on it my cocker lifted his leg to it today heh ).. my cocker loves puddles.. and the reno cant stand water at all.. not even for a bath.
So I am to late to turn back? I am stuck with a SRD?? Are you all sure? LOL. My mom keeps telling me that she isn't spoiled she is just very well maintained. That way we can still work up to the spoiled title. :D
Don't give up...Keep trying to get her to play in it...I have found they might be very hesitent at first and then once they trust it the play might begin. I started Nikki playing with balloons, bouncing it in the air. She was very unsure at first, but after repeated attempts, she started bouncing it last night. Keep working at it...
I will keep trying but I think she just has a huge fear of water that she can't lay in. :)
what if you call her name and then go lay down under the sprinkler...Duchess and my other dogs will usually come to the rescue...maybe she will forget about the water once she is under helping you...then you can start moving around calmly and try to make it more fun.
If I lay down she doesn't care. Lol. Other wise I would try it. Now if I fall then she will come stand over me and lick my face, but just laying down or make it look like a fall she knows the differance. Darn smart dogs. :)
I can see you now - Outside practicing a slapstick comedy routine with prat falls to get your dog in the sprinkler LOL!
Lol. I am the one that would do it though. I am not all here sometimes you know? I kinda leave my mind in weird places and I act like it at times. :)
The way I see it, Gracie got $10 worth of entertainment value just watching Mom play in the sprinklers on Day 1. (To be repeated on many days in different forms, I'm sure.) Also, it was probably fun for the neighbors to watch, too. About a month ago, the vet told me to bring in the "first morning urine sample" from Oscar. So the next morning, out in the yard we went with the "sample" cup. I can only imagine that any neighbors who hadn't had their AM coffee yet might have thought they were hallucinating.
HaHa. I'd love to see the neighbors faces watching that. Both of them. The sprinkler and urine sampler. I think Gracie probably enjoyed the show quite well and just didn't want to chuckle to be rude. :) That's well worth the money.
Lol, thanks everyone. So I guess I am nuts? Lol.
No one ever said that. I am sure plenty people would do the same for their doberkids :)
Yea I know. Lol. I would also do it for the cats too. ;) The things we do for these creatures. We make our selves look like fools just for them. Lol. I am sure a few neighbors seen me. I wonder what they must have thought. I probably don't even want to know.
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