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I did the same thing. I had been around many adult Dobes and knew that was the breed I wanted. I read a lot and knew that I didn't want an albino due to health and temperment problems but I missed the part about the Z in the registration number. When I received his registration was when I learned about it. Reese's mothers side is full of top quality show dogs that are very accomplished. His fathers side has 3 white dobes and all others carried the gene. I couldn't show him in confirmation if I wanted to (I don't) because I just couldn't put him through cropping his ears. I have an appointment already set up to neuter him when he is 6 months. I have no intention of breeding, Z factor or not. I am neutering due to hoping it calms him down a little (he is ALL puppy) and I want to lessen the chance of him trying to meet every female in the area. My trainer is trying with all she has to talk me out of it as she wants to show him in obdience. Am I concerned with the Z factor? Of course. His mothers side has none of the common Dobe problems but who knows what his father contributed. If I had known what the Z in his registration number meant I probably wouldn't have bought him. I can say lesson learned, I will not buy from another byb. Now that I have him I wouldn't trade him for any other dog. I will provide him with the best care I can, pray I have him for many years and enjoy him for the great Dobe he is.
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