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Lexus isn't in an obvious protection mode 100% of the time, nor would I want her to be. But it is on her mind. Last month I had a person stop by to pick up a cat she adopted from me, I had the dogs out on the back porch, and we were standing in the kitchen talking, she noticed the dogs (who hadn't noticed her yet) and went to my back glass door, "ohhh you have a dog how cute", Lexus hit the door hard enough in full guard-dog fashion to make this woman back right back out of my kitchen again!

Lexus reacted appropriately, she didn't know someone was in the house with me, and all of a sudden there is a stranger standing at her door in her house with her mom. After I explained to the lady, that Lex will accept her when she knows that she[the woman] is allowed to be there, I brought Lex in, and introduced her properly with not so much as a growl or a hair raised and the "nubbin" going a mile a minute the whole time, and in a minute she was in full dobie-lean on her leg :)

When she was younger I used to wonder if she would just love on any bad people, but now... not worried, my family and I are in good paws ;)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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