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do any of you have a doberman that isn't protective?

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just curuios if any of you have a doberman that isn't protective at all.
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That's very hard to tell unless you're ever really in danger. I have never seen my 16 month old Doberman do anythng protective but then I haven't needed protecting either.
on a walk...duchess will become alert when an oncoming person is walking towards us
we have never had an experience where duchess has needed to be protective but at the seems like as long as we are familiar and are okay with the person...even if she has never met them, she will greet them with a wiggling tail and kisses...and a welcome by sitting on their lap when they sit on the couch.

there was a time actually when an old woman was confused and walked into our house on accident...and this is the only time continued along with our (fearful) lab mix barking after she entered...
but duchess only barked...and settled down once we greeted the old woman and assured them we were okay. of course we didnt get mad at them for barking at the old woman.

other than that experience...she is not extremely protective...she will show discomfort with someone once and awhile...but she has never even bared her teeth at someone ever like while growling.

she doesnt mind people going up and down the sidewalk next to our yard...but she did get huffy and puffy and bark at people when I had her outside on a leash...and some people pulled over and stopped to look at something my dad was selling by the driveway.

but she settles down once I assure her it is nothing.

I dont consider that she is or isnt protective...I think she knows when she should be concerned...
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I would say most Dobes are Protective to a Degree. It really depends on how their raised. Dont be expecting a whole lot when their young as they get older they get more protective. Every dog is different Holly is 13 months now she runs to the Door and Barks/Growls like crazy when she hears/Sees something. When their young the best thing you can do is take them everywhere you build up their Confidence which is always good. If you bought a Pup that came from a Working pedigree and you didnt work and bring their Drives out properly later on would they be more Dangerous? or would they just not reach their potential?
My ten month old follows what my other two dogs do....but they are not Dobermans. He greets anyone and everyone that I let in the door with wiggles and kisses, but seems more protective in the backyard when he hears noises (or a bird passing overhead - lol). As he is so young, I am not sure that he knows quite what to do or what he is barking at, but I definately know that instinctually he does watch my every move to make sure that I am ok. The other dogs are barkers and kind of get him worked up - unfortunately - but I am working on that. Mine is a lap climber too - and he is 95lbs....please someone tell me that he will stop growing soon.
No,I have 4 females and they are all protective even down to the 7 month old who has a bark as deep as any male dog.
lbut I definately know that instinctually he does watch my every move to make sure that I am ok.
dont ya love that :) Duchess will look out the window when Im even in my car out on the driveway going somewhere. lol or if i go outside without her ever...she runs upstairs to get a nice view :)
Java is very easy-going at the dog park, will go up to a total stranger and Doberlean on them asking for lovin'. But get her home and the FedEx guy drives up, and then she is on High Alert. She is also at the back door in a shot if she hears deer in the backyard - anytime the perimeter is breached (sorry couldn't resist) she growls/barks. At least she has stopped barking every time a leaf moves...That natural protectiveness is part of the reason why we got her. (Strangers don't need to know that she spends as much time as she can in my lap.)
Lexus isn't in an obvious protection mode 100% of the time, nor would I want her to be. But it is on her mind. Last month I had a person stop by to pick up a cat she adopted from me, I had the dogs out on the back porch, and we were standing in the kitchen talking, she noticed the dogs (who hadn't noticed her yet) and went to my back glass door, "ohhh you have a dog how cute", Lexus hit the door hard enough in full guard-dog fashion to make this woman back right back out of my kitchen again!

Lexus reacted appropriately, she didn't know someone was in the house with me, and all of a sudden there is a stranger standing at her door in her house with her mom. After I explained to the lady, that Lex will accept her when she knows that she[the woman] is allowed to be there, I brought Lex in, and introduced her properly with not so much as a growl or a hair raised and the "nubbin" going a mile a minute the whole time, and in a minute she was in full dobie-lean on her leg :)

When she was younger I used to wonder if she would just love on any bad people, but now... not worried, my family and I are in good paws ;)
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The DHL Delivery Guy came by to deliver a package yesterday. Mensa acted like the package was for her. She jumped into the back of the guy's van and didn't want to get out.

Later the Satelite TV guy came over. I had to put Mensa in the house because she was so interested in what he was working with she wouldn't get out of the guy's way so he could work.

I expect she'll grow into a watchdog later. She's still a pup.
King was very protective of all his people from a very young age. When he was about 8 months old, a lady who owned a wolf hybrid in my apaprtment complex let her dog be on a short leash, it lunged at my mom and King instictually went for its throat. That was the very first time King ever showed agression. Even though had King gotten the chance to actually grab the wolf, it would most likely have killed him, he didnt care. His one and only thought was to stop that dog from hurting my mom.

Im wondering if the question is more of a worst case scenario, or a day to day "overly protective" personality. Because id have to say from my experience with probably 10+ dobes none, except for mine, was overly protective.
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