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Diesel - to be rehomed (UK)

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Just a link to a 11-month old male needing rehomed in the UK:

This is not my dog 'diesel' who is 2-in March, just incase anyone is panicing.

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haha I paniced alittle :) lol I hope he finds a good home :)
YES I panicked....I hope he does get a really good home.
Oh my.......I was thinking the same thing.........
It's all well and good when i see a member in the States put a post up like this bcuz i know they will not rehome here,but this is different, you know i am a sucker for a good looking Dobe,here goes another argument about no room at the house for another one!!
yeah brum and didnt you want a handsome little guy dobe :)
Hey brum, I said that you should have a doberboy under the Christmas tree, but not what day it should be on. :D Good luck with the missus!
brumwolf... I would love to take him, but I know two males is a bad move.

From the picture he looks like a great looking dog, just hope he finds a good home.

also looking are:
you had me scared too, glad your Diesel is going to stay put.

Brumwolf he does sound like a consideration. I have to say I looked at the other two dogs and these people seem honest and upfront with there descriptions of the three dogs. Not the same pat everything is rosey.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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