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Diarrhea Remedy

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The best thing I have found that works very quickly is Fasttrack. It is a canine microbial supplement. It puts the good bacteria back into the intestinal track. Lots of people recommend yogurt well this is like giving a pile of yogurt in only one scoop mixed into their food. I noticed Gaston was loose during the middle of the day yesterday well I couldn't mix it with his food so I mixed it in water and syringed it in him, no more loose stools. It works great for times when your dogs are put under stress such as showing, trialing etc. You can feed it to them once a day and should not have any problems. It has worked great for my two.This is where I bought mine from and they shipped it fast and were the lowest cost I could find. This website will also explain about it.
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I have heard good things about that product before.
I use a little pure canned pumpkin (plain) and it works well for runny stools too.
I've also heard about the canned pumpkin but have never used it.
I can't get either remedy here,no canned pumpkin in the supermarket and i've been on the website and they don't ship to the U.K. from what i can tell.
SI just use the human I get in the health food store. It works really well also.
Brown (or white) rice is good as well - cook a whole pot of it, freeze what you don't use in smaller batches. Brown has more fiber, but both act to absorb excess water in the intestinal track. I mix it w/ plain yogurt and a bit of mashed banana.

Glad to hear of an over-the-counter remedy tho'.
We use good old chicken and rice here for the runs, usually does the trick. We have got some natural probiotic tablets that we were given at a show by a holistic vet we were talking to. We crush one tablet in their dinner if they're a bit loose and it works wonders. Just had a look on the packet and its actually pretty similar to Fasttrack :)
Lord, we are just recovering from a bout of diarrhea here :( It's lasted since Thursday night, I woke up in the morning to it EVERYWHERE. I've been giving plain yogart (as well as pedialite (sp??)after fasting her to get her system back on track. This is the first time she's ever gotten it like this, this bad that is. Just today, she's stopped, and seems to be getting back to normal.
So has it just been wishful thinking that my boy will outgrow getting regular Hershey squirts?! It's discouraging to hear that the veterans are still getting it with their adult dogs.

Everyday for the past week and a half (at the suggestion of our Doberman rescue organization after I made an exasperated call to them), we have been supplementing our boy's food with Fastrack, Prozyme, and a good dollop of plain organic yogurt. So far, so good (and knock on wood). We have also completely removed kibble and grain from his diet.

During the first 7 weeks we had him, he averaged about one blowout bout of diarhea a week, invariably overnight and in his crate (and the surrounding carpet). A regimen of Pepto, canned pumpkin, and white rice usually served to tighten him up in the immediate aftermath.
That's something that Harley has had so many occurances. This is Lexus's first one, other then the occasional loose stool here and there. Never bad enough that she had to go in the house before.

We've went all evening tonight with NO diarrhea! Poor girl has been sleeping all day, she's probably exhausted! I still have no idea what set her off. She didn't get anymore then a few bites of turkey on Thursday, and that's nothing she hasn't had before, and I was cleaning and cooking all day, so she wasn't out of my sight that she could have gotten into something either....I guess I'll never know.
I find cooked turkey sometimes seems to be a little rich for dogs.
Who knows, maybe that little bit did it to her, she seriously only got a forkful or two at the very most when I was doing the dishes, so did the other two guys. I know that no one slipped them anything at all during dinner b/c I had the dogs put away while we ate.

I would be surprised if that was it though, b/c I made turkey legs last week and she got a nibble then too (hehe she gets a nibble of about everything :) benifits of being Lexus, the other two usually miss out). Oh well... I wonder if maybe the timing was coincidental, and she had picked up a little bug with how long it lasted and how much she went.

I'll keep her on her yogart and bland diet for a few days just to make sure we're over the hump. I have to laugh (now that Friday is over), when I first saw what I woke up to on Friday morning.... I was ready just to pack up the house and move, forget cleaning all that!!!
Poor Lexus. I hope that it is over for her. Sometime ago I left a package of hershey kisses on the counter and came home from work with pieces of foil all over the floor. I freaked and called the vet. I didn't know who ate it and when they ate it. The culprit had a nice bout of hershey squirts for a week after that. I was driving to see my parents, when I lived 8 hrs away from them, and was taking the dogs with me as usual. Poor Harmony made the drive, ran into their house and squated in the living room opening the flood gates. It was everywhere. She learned not to eat things off of the counter, sort of. She still likes to counter surf. But she turns away from chocolate quickly. Lucky dog.
The little bit of turkey is what did Gaston & Roxy in. But a quick dose of Fastrack fixed them right up.
LTH said:
The little bit of turkey is what did Gaston & Roxy in.
I hope to goodness that one of your Doggy Daytonas wasn't yellow flagged for "debris" on the track!!
Thank heavens that didn't happen!!!!!! As I mentioned earlier Fasttrack got them right back on the track without further debris!!!!
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