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Hey everyone! i am Hannah from the city of Guatemala. I've been a great dane owner all my life up until now, that i am getting a doberman! XD i've always loved them so at last i'm getting one.
I am a industrial designer, and i am now working on my thesis on dobermans actually, i have been investigating ear cropping for the past six months, and most of my great danes have had their ears cropped, so i know a lot about it.

I am working on the design of a product that will help with the process of molding the dog's ears, so we can all avoid making a halo, or improvising with plastic cups or adhesives! trying to make the process easier for everyone, avoiding nasty infections and what not.
i've been reading all the forums on ear cropping u guys have, and maybe you guys can help me out! i need final measurements to add to my thesis but i don't have access to so many dobermans!
so if you guys can help me it would be awesome!

measurements i need are:

length from ear to ear on top of the head:
length from ear to ear under the jaw:
length of cropped ears:
circumference of the base of the ear:
and the age and sex of the dog

the info will be GREATLY IMMENSELY appreciated!
and if this is a success i'm sure this will help with the whole process!!

hope to hear from all you soon!! :thanx:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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