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Murreydobe said:
Wouldn't it break your heart MORE if this dog seriously injured (or killed)someone in the future?

I don't mean to sound hard hearted, and it's never an easy decision to make. But if an owner isn't willing/able to work with a known biter themselves, then I think they have a moral obligation to put the dog down.
It's just not right to pass this kind of problem along to someone else..and to be honest, dogs like this frequently wind up getting passed from home to home to home to home, eventually winding up being abused.

Nor is it particularly smart to try to place a dog thats a known biter from position of potential liability, as I mentioned. Personally, I'm not willing to risk everything I have to re-home a dog with this kind of problem. Not when there are thousands of homeless dobermans across the country who have never made the choice to use their teeth on a human.
I agree, if you (an experienced dog person) aren't willing to work with him and are afraid of the aggression, then why would you feel comfortable placing him with another? If you are not willing to work with the dog yourself then I would think the ultimately responsible (and most difficult) choice would be for the dog to be PTS given what you are describing.

A few weeks is a very short period of time for a rescue to adjust to being in a new home. For him everything is still very much in the learning, experimenting stages and his senses will still be in heightened stages. I would agree that the body language from you and your wife may have been construed as threatening by him and caused a defensive reaction.

However, if you are really worried about the reaction and you really do want to make sure he gets the best chance, contact an experienced behaviorist and have him evaluated. It is time consuming and costly, yes, but well worth it in the end.
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