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Darmok and the Socks

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When Darmok was 2 - 3 months old, she used to steal my socks when I was getting dressed to go to work. SInce it seemed like such a 'natural' thing for her to do, we built on this little quirk of hers and here's the result:

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Oh goodness. That's too cute. I need to teach Bruno that lol
Oh my gosh that is way to cute and cleaver.. what a smart doberman you have there.. you are not on pet tricks yet???
Dar only does this stuff for me--she isnt crazy about an audience! Actually, she does other stuff, too. When I feed the inside dogs their breakfast (2 dobes + 3 little guys) Darmok will go around the house when they are all done and pick up each stainless steel bowl and bring them to me and stack them inside each other. Bizzarre, huh?
lol, that's adorable! now you should teach her to put them on :)
I did a quick toe count.......good to see that there hasn't been any "training accidents". :tongue23:

You've got one clever dobe there!:)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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