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Ill be getting my 8wk blue fem pup "Xena" in a week, and Ive been doing LOADS of reading....and more, reading. Then I saw kikopup!

Basically, Kikopup has pretty much justified that I do not need to waste the money to take her to a puppy course at petsmart(of all places :rolleyesww:). Im gonna see how her first 2 weeks of my clicker training goes. I know dobermans are smart (in experience to my older male Zeus), and they'll do just about anything for you. If I cant succeed in my own clicker training, by ten wks ill be sure to have her..ahem US, enrolled into puppy training :p I am considering my local dog daycare owner (professional K9 trainer) :D

(To note: I will also be socializing her with dogs I know first, with responsible owners. Also being around people she doesnt know i.e. kids (at the beach, park, etc)

I'd like to get an opinion on her daily diet and what kind of treats i should train with? I plan on following some of "Storms Regime" for her daily diet and supplements. For her food and treats I'm trying to go all natural as possible. Her being a Blue, I dont want to risk her skin or coat reacting to poor treats/food here and there. Ive got a good idea of what to give her, but I need some guidance on "when" is a good time/age to start her with.

For Daily Diet:
Innova, (puppy). Should I go with Large Breed Puppy? (Shes the smallest of her litter....for now. No telling if shes just a late bloomer.)
?Rice & Chicken Breast w/innova kibble- Should I try this? (fresh of course)

Apples (fresh and dried)
Bananas (fresh and dried)
?Cranberries (dried- good for urinary and kidneys right?)
Zucchini (Fresh, peeled)
Thawed Peas (helps digestion?)

Boiled chicken breast (winner for sure)
Hard boiled egg (another winner)
?Cheese (which should i go for? Cheddar? Goat? etc.)
Dick Van Patten Natural Balance L.I.D. (treat tubes for training only)

I know Innova comes with plenty of nutrients in the kibble. Should I supplement more? I want her to grow healthy, and the old saying goes "You are what'cha eat!" and when should I start her on supplements?
Id like to follow some of "Storms Regime"
Fish Oil
Vitamin E
Ground Kelp

Or perhaps someone has a good reference to a vitamin for puppys to adult??? Also I heard to keep Proteins separate from fruits and possibly veggies, it could cause upset stomach/digestion problems.

Please give me your honest opinion. I dont want to over kill her on it, the goal is to keep her healthy and prime.

Just an FYI: I already know to invest in PLENTY of chew toys...kongs, nylabone, frozen cubes, frozen toys, bully sticks etc etc. Also will be getting her a nice big crate to be in for max 4hrs at a time while im at work (my lunch breaks just got better ;) ) Annnnnd, ill be spending her first full 3 days with her to get her settled in, and learn some quick rules of the house.

Again all advice/tips MUCH appreciated!!

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I put my puppy on a human grade meat source kibble, early on (with no corn or by-products or fillers)...not puppy food, but all life stages.
(finally settled on using Holistic Blend Lamb & Rice, for our girl)
See recap on my Post #16:

We also feed 2 home cooked meals/day of beef strips or chicken breast with veggies &/or rice.
- a can of canned sardinees frequently can replace the cooked meal
- Vit. supplements not a good idea, to much is not good / should be enough in kibble...I would think (I lack this knowledge, so I don't mess with it)

SoCalDobie - I love the research, you have prepared thus far.
Good job on your puppy planning, our old girl is almost 11.5 y/o...good food has a big part to play in her life and overall happiness.

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Kikopup's training videos are wonderful. If you can find a clicker training class near you, I think you'd really benefit from it, too. I like formal classes because a good trainer can really help you with timing and give you direction, and it's also great to have some distractions (like other dogs) while you are training. My "go-to" list for finding trainers who use positive training methods and have extensive training is this: Search for Professionals

As far as food goes, you'll need to see what works well for your dog. The Innova Large Breed food is good. If you go with a puppy formula, I would personally do a "large breed" formula to help with slow growth. Otherwise, lots of people go directly to an "all life stages" food. Just find a food that works for your pup. You want good stools and a shiny coat.

I use part of the daily kibble ration for training so that I'm not overfeeding. If you use treats, just be sure to reduce the amount of food you are feeding so that the pup isn't getting too much food. I use a variety of treats myself. Plain boiled chicken is a big hit, as is string cheese. For me, the key for treats is to make them very, very small. Your dog won't know the difference between a treat the size of a pea and one that's significantly bigger. It still tastes good either way.
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