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So as some of you read we have Jade here, She is our foster puppy at the moment. We have decided that she is just a foster and we will not be keeping her. With all thats been going on with Daemon and my job, we feel it would be best to only have Daemon to worry with right now. But Jade is doing great! Shes about 9-10 weeks old now. Fully crate trained, will not wake me up every hour now its like every 4-5 hours. She has not had a potty accident in over a week! She will be here for about another month or so..Her and Daemon have become great pals and do the funniest things together. My favorite being playinng with the Wubba together. They play tug and he usually drags her around, I'm going to try to get a video of it soon. So here are some photos.



And more napping:

She loves to be under the blankets in bed:
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