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BackInBlack said:
Do alot of breeders get rid of their dogs when they are done breeding them? Just curious.
None of the breeders I personally know would be placing a bitch that was done breeding, and none of them have kennel dogs. That's not to say that a good breeder never places dogs - because occasionally they do. Usually it would be a young dog that just did not mature to be a good show quality dog and so they will sell/place it. The other scenario is a dog that is returned to the breeder by an owner. The breeder will try to place the dog. There are some breeders that have really good relationships with their local rescue, and so in that situation, rescue will help place the dog. Sorry to say that I don't know a whole lot of breeders who support (financially more than a few bucks a year) the local rescue in this area.

Placing a dog is not always a bad thing - if a breeder has a lot of dogs (especially kennel dogs), a good adoptive home would be a big step up for the dog. I personally don't ever plan on having a lot of dogs. That said, I think it is kind of sad that now that the bitch is done having puppies, she is no longer wanted. On the flip side, she might be much better off in a new home where she actually is a house dog with her own family.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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